Musical Instruments for RENT in Coimbatore

We offer the below musical instrument for rent in Coimbatore for school and college functions and competitions.

Keyboard for rent in Coimbatore

Korg – PA 500  for Rent in Coimbatore  @ Rs.1,500 Per day

Yamaha PSR-S-550 – for Rent in Coimbatore  @ Rs.1,000.00/- Per day

Yamaha PSR – I- 455 for Rent in Coimbatore  @ Rs. 750.00/- Per day – With Stand

Drums for rent in Coimbatore

PDP Acoustic Drum Sets  for Rent in Coimbatore @ Rs. 3,000/-  Per day

Roland – SPD-20 Total Percussion Pad  for Rent in Coimbatore  @ Rs. 1,000.00/-   Per day

Guitars for rent in Coimbatore

iBanez  Bass Guitar  for Rent in Coimbatore @  Rs.1,500.00/-

Cort x1 electric guitar  for Rent in Coimbatore @  Rs. 1,500.00/- Per day

Givson jumbo Acoustic Guitar with pick up for Rent in Coimbatore @  Rs. 500.00/- Per day

Digital Piano for rent in Coimbatore

Piano for Rent in Coimbatore @  Rs. 5,000.00/- Per day

Violin for rent in Coimbatore

Granada violin for Rent in Coimbatore @ 750 per day.


Hartke – Bass AMP – for Rent in Coimbatore

Cajon  for Rent in Coimbatore @  Rs. 800.00/-


Book before a week with your ID.

Payment should be made in advance.

Actual transportation and handling charges will apply for delivery and pickup.

We do linking service with the instrument owners.

Contact +91 099444 75341